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Snowy Switzerland and Fondue


Well after 4 weeks in Switzerland I finally had fondue! It was the perfect night because it was snowy and cold. The snow started to fall right before dinner and nightfall. Surprisingly we get way more snow in Chicago than in Baden so I felt like a kid again when it started to snow. I put my boots on and grabbed my camera.

The trick with fondue is you have to stir the pot with the bread and the stick when you dip. This keeps the cheese nice and hot and melted. I liked to dip mine in but was told it has to be a true dunk for it to be Swiss Fondue. It was delicious! I mixed a little apple in there but you can also do fresh pineapple. It was very easy to make on the stove.

Paris Romance in the Rain


There is something about rain in Paris that just makes everything so much better. If you have experienced a rain in Paris you know what I am talking about. I was having a conversation with someone on this cold rainy weekend in Paris and the woman said its just so Parisian for it to rain. I woke up early in the morning and left to walk the streets without an umbrella. I was wondering the streets in the Marais when it started to rain. I did my best to keep my camera dry but I didn’t want to go inside. I found this couple walking arm and arm with an umbrella. I pulled my camera up as they kissed. I missed the kiss by just a second but you can still feel the romance in the air. I love the Paris street they are walking down, the bike on the right, the love in the air, and the rain. Its just so Paris!!

An afternoon in Venice


I really loved my time in Venice, Italy. I have been several times but there is something so magical about the city. I especially like walking the canals and looking at all of the unique door fronts and architecture. No matter how many times I visit, there is always more to see and explore. This is one of my favorite photographs from my last trip. Enjoy!

Berlin reflection


I walked the streets of Berlin early in the morning and at the same time started the rain that would last my entire weekend trip. I was able to pull out my camera for this shot of a reflection of an old building in the frame of an old doorway across the street. This signifies so much as there is much reflection to do in Berlin because of the deep history the city holds. But in the end there is beauty right in front of you. A really wonderful trip to Berlin, and personal reflection.

Carnivale in Venice


Carnivale is just around the corner and the streets of Venice are ready with fun masks and scary masks. This holiday is bound to be a celebration in Italy!

Undiscovered Berlin


I was lucky enough to have a tour of undiscovered Berlin from my a family member studying abroad in Berlin. Although it was extremely wet and snowy it didn’t stop me from exploring Berlin. The city is filled with amazing street art graffiti!



Venetian Architecture


Most people admire the architecture of San Marco stepping back and looking at the whole picture. This shot is admiring the beauty in the detail of the archways.


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