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In Terrys Kitchen


I will be the first to admit that I have been spoiled in my travels. My trip to San Fran had me spoiled in so many ways. Not only did I get to stay with an amazing family but the neighbors were great too! I met Terry Paetzold on my first day in San Francisco. Her yard backs up to the house I was staying in. Terry is an amazing cook and has such a huge heart. She took me under her wing and was extremely patient while I learned to cook some amazing meals.

Terry has a beautiful garden where she grows her own vegetables and fruits and uses them in her cooking during the summer months. 

Here Terry is working in the Garden in the month of May getting it ready for the summer months.

She tailored a menu that worked well with my favorite tastes and also challenged my palette a little. We made several kinds of fish dishes and a muscle and shrimp soup that was delicious! For dessert  we made my favorite French pastry tarte framboises (raspberry tarte)

Thank you Terry Paetzold for the cooking lessons! If you are in the Bay Area Terry offers private and group cooking classes in her beautiful kitchen overlooking the garden.

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London Calling



As the Summer Olympics are about to begin here is a quick look at London:




France in Canary Yellow


What does the color canary yellow make you think of? I think of vacation beaches and the color just makes me happy. Its found all over the South of France and in Paris. Take a journey through France with Canary Yellow

The Beach in Cannes, France

Citron of Nice in Southern France

Yellow Cafe Chairs in Southern France

Paris in Red


The color red is all over Paris from the metro sign to the cafe chairs. My project for my friend continues for the color red. If you want to purchase this collection or any individual photograph just click on the photograph.

What color would you like to see Paris in?

Paris in Pink


Paris in Pink! Paris is filled with color. You can find pops of color just about anywhere from  the mailbox to an umbrella. A friend recently asked me to put a collection together of pink photographs from Paris for her office. I thought I would share it with everyone. I would love to know your thoughts! What’s your favorite color?

A piece of the Big Apple


A piece of the Big Apple seen from up high. Explore NYC with a birds eye view of Central Park, The Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty.




Golden Gate Memories


I keep a pretty busy schedule. This summer I have had the opportunity to visit California twice and NYC with Summer shows in between. Its a little tiring how I keep on the go but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am finally starting to edit some of my San Francisco photos.

If you haven’t been to San Fran then I would put it on your list. Bring comfortable shoes because its a city that should be walked and there are some large hills to tackle. One walk that I recommend is across the Golden Gate Bridge. You can drive it, bike it or walk. I think walking lets you take in the sights and you can set your own pace. Here are some of my photos from my walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.


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