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Last days in Paris…


This last few days have been packed with walks around the city with my camera in hand. I am eating baguettes and croissants, drinking coffee with friends, and making every moment last. I am so grateful for my time here in Paris. I have so many adventures that I have yet to share as I get home late and rise early. I try not to spend too much time in front of the computer as there will be many time for that. One of my favorite projects this month was the red balloon project. I can’t wait to share all the images but here is one more. Tomorrow is my last day in Paris at least for this year…

boy and red balloon

Macaron Fun with La Cuisine Paris


I will be the first to admit I am a fan of the French Macaron. I have my favorite flavors at Pierre Herme and Laduree and of course they are also beautiful to look at. I was really looking forward to learning how to make macaron at La Cuisine Paris last week. The class did not disappoint as I was grinning from ear to ear the whole class. It was a lot of fun and Diane the instructor was filled with energy!

la cusine paris We made two different ganache flavors. One was chocolate with a hint of coffee and a praline flavor. The chocolate ganache was mixed with dark chocolate and the praline was mixed with white chocolate.

la cusine paris la cusine paris All ready in their piping bags. The ganache needed to cool while we started on the cookie part of the macaron

la cusine paris la cusine parisla cusine paris With two sets of groups making macarons we each picked a color for the outer shell.

la cusine paris la cusine paris Diane showed us how to pipe the macarons onto trays. It takes a little practice to make perfect but it was still a lot of fun.

la cusine paris We even got a little creative mixing the colors and adding different shapes

la cusine paris la cusine paris la cusine paris la cusine paris la cusine paris Once they were out of the oven and had a chance to cool we could start adding the ganache.

la cusine paris la cusine paris la cuisine paris They were ready to be eaten! We were each given a box to take home our macarons. Diane told us that they taste even better 24 hours later. Sadly, I never got to test this out. I took my macaron to dinner and they were eaten quickly by friends! Both praline and chocolate were a hit! Merci La Cuisine Paris.

Paris Pop Up – Food Fest


Today was the 7th Paris Pop Up titled “Food Fest” and was located at Le Perchoir a new bar/restaurant in Menilmontant. The restaurant is located on the 7th floor and has a 360 degree view of the city.

paris pop up paris pop up paris pop upThe menu consisted of 7 small bites by 7 sous- chefs. There were different stations between two areas where each chef prepared the bites.

paris pop upparis pop up One of my favorite small bites from Le Perchoir – Morgane Hurbourg with Seared Tuna, Potato Crisp and Spicy Mayonnaise

paris pop upMy second favorite dish by Harry Cummins & Francois Roche of Frenchie & Frenchie wine bar Scallop, Dashi, Pickled Daikon, Sesame

I also tried two other dishes that I didn’t think it the flavor mark for me but sounded interesting

paris pop up Paul Bourdier – Le Chateaubriand Potato and Caramel with Grapefruit

paris pop upMatted Nardin – Verranda – Sage Panacotta and Carrots.

Food tickets were 5 euros each and covered one small bite. Drinks were also offered including wine, beer, and cocktails

paris pop up paris pop upAlong with food and drink there was a Jumble Sale by “The House that Jack Built”

paris pop up


David Lebovitz was on hand for a book signing as well

david lebovitz paris pop up After grabbing food and drink you could enjoy the rooftop view while the sun peaked out for a little bit today

paris rooftop photo paris rooftop photo

A few more from yesterday… Paris rooftops on the Seine


I have been running around Paris day and night for almost a month now and today it finally caught up with me. Thankfully its only a migraine that I am fighting and not the flu that I hear is going around. Here are a few more from yesterday.

paris rooftop photoparis rooftop photoparis rooftop photoparis rooftop photo


paris rooftop photoparis rooftop photo

Paris Autumn View


My time here in Paris is almost over. I am forever grateful for everyday that I can spend in this beautiful city. It continues to inspire me and surprise me. Today I enjoyed this beautiful view that I just had to share.

paris in the autumn


Ralphs in Paris – Dining on the Terrace


Last weekend when a few friends were in Chicago, they suggested we go to Ralphs. Ralphs is the Paris restaurant of Ralph Lauren. We have one in Chicago off of Michigan ave which I love visiting. Rob and Christ thought it would be fun to compare which turned into an afternoon of fun. The staff was amazing and the space was beautiful! If you have the chance to pop by in St Germain you should take the chance.

Ralphs Paris

Ralphs Paris Ralphs ParisRalphs Paris

Ralphs ParisRalphs ParisRalphs Paris Ralphs ParisRalphs Paris The terrace was beautiful and we were lucky to have such a beautiful day to sit outside. The inside is warm and cozy and has a similar feeling to the Chicago Ralph Lauren restaurant. I might just have to go back and visit on a colder day to experience the dining room.

Red Balloons in Paris – The Series


I have wanted to do a series of red balloons around Paris for sometime but just never got around doing it until today. Yesterday I posted the beginning of the series as I walked home with the balloons. The shops don’t open until 10:30 AM here and I wanted to do an early morning shot with the balloons. We started with 5 and it was very funny how they popped one by one throughout the day. This was such a fun series to shoot and will take a little while to edit along with the other photographs from Paris. I hope you enjoy one of my favorites!

red balloons in paris girl

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