The Best Views in Paris


My first solo trip to Paris I made it a point to see the best views from Paris up above. I searched online and collected a list. Now after my many trips to Paris I have added some favorite places to view Paris. Here are my top 10 favorite places.

10. Montparnasse – The best part about this view is that you don’t see the ugly tall building known as Montparnasse

montparnasse view


Take an elevator to the 56th floor for a view of Paris. Tickets are 14 euros per person

9. Pantheon – located in the 5th arrondisement the Pantheon gives you a great view of Notre Dame 

notre dame view from the panthon


Tickets are 8.50 euros to visit the inside and take peak of the view from up above

7. Centre Pompidou – located in the 4th arrondisement you can take the escalators up to the top for a unique view of the rooftop of Paris. Look to the right for Sacre Couer and the left for the eiffel tower. 

centre pompidou rooftop view


Tickets to just enjoy the view are 3 euros. 

6. Sacre Coeur – I had the privilege to live very close to this view last year. Hike to the top of Montmartre to the stairs of Sacre Coeur for a beautiful view of Paris rooftops. Move a little to the right and you can see the eiffel tower. Take a picnic up here or watch the sunset. You won’t be disappointed.

montmartre rooftops

This view is free. 

5. Eiffel Tower – If you go to visit the Eiffel tower try to book your ticket in advance to reduce your wait time. Tickets can be purchased here

view from eiffel tower

Tickets to go to the top of the eiffel tower are 14.5 euros

4. Arc de Triomphe – I prefer this view because you have a view of the eiffel tower. Purchase tickets here for 9 euros 

paris rooftops

Tickets to the top of the arc de triomphe are 9 euros 

3. Notre Dame – If you have the patients to wait in line for Notre Dame the view is pretty fantastic. Tickets are available here 

notre dame view


Tickets are 8.5 euros 

2. Trocadero – One of my favorite views and you can’t beat the price. (its free) You can take the metro directly here. If you arrive early enough the whole place can be completely yours. Watch the sunrise in peace but the sunset and at night is a little more hectic with people. 

trocadero sunrise


1. Musee des Arabes – take the elevator to the 9th floor for a free view of Paris. This museum closes on the earlier side in the winter its a great place to watch the sunset. 

seine view of paris


If you have any other favorite views of Paris that I missed I would love to hear them. Enjoy! xo Rebecca 


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