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Arc en Ciel


From my last post you will notice it has been raining a lot! I can’t complain Paris is beautiful in the rain and I am lucky to be here. Today while walking through place des vosges the sun popped out to reveal a beautiful double rainbow! I was lucky to join La Cuisine Paris for a cooking class today too but that will have to save for another post. xo

paris rainbow


Rainy days in Paris


We have had some beautiful days packed with sunshine and other days are drenched with rain. I can’t complain because its much warmer than back home. If I can keep my camera dry photos of Paris in the rain can be quite charming and beautiful.

paris in the rain


paris in the rain


paris in the rain


paris in the rain


paris in the rain


paris in the rain

Spring with a pop of Red


Today starting out gloomy but the sun popped out later in the afternoon. I was lucky to finally take a rest at a cafe and enjoy the sunshine coming through the clouds. Here are a few photos from today. You will notice the red balloons are back! 

paris blooms


paris life


I pass this man on my walk every morning on the Seine. I just love everything about this. 

paris red balloons


paris red balloons


cafe life paris

On Instagram


The past couple weeks have been non stop in a very good way! I have loved exploring little passages of Paris and meeting up with old and new friends for coffees and walks around this beautiful city. There are my more photos to be seen on my instagram 

rebeccaplotnick instagram

Tuesday Paris Walk 2/25


Today I met up with my friend Olivier in the pouring rain for a walk around Paris. It was so fun popping behind courtyards and hidden doorways for todays shoot. We walked a good amount of the city and in between we tasted chocolate and coffees. My feet are exhausted and so are my eyes but I wanted to share a few images from today. 

paris stairs


paris ribbons


paris coffee pause


paris courtyard spring

A Paris Monday


I continue to be amazed by the beauty of Paris and all its surprises. I am finding hidden streets and new places to explore left and right. Today I was on the run as usual but it was so sunny and beautiful! The smell of Spring was in the air. It brings back so many wonderful memories of last year. Here is my day from Morning Sun, Afternoon Sun, Evening Sun and After Sun…

paris light


paris light


evening paris light


paris evening

A la mere de famille


Today I met up with friends in Montmartre for a coffee and a walk. Its been a little while since I have been up in my old neighborhood so I was very happy to be back and see what new shops have popped up. I took my favorite walk down to the Seine and passed through all my favorite streets. I ran right into my favorite sweet shop La Mere De Famille My sweet tooth was growing by the minute as I walked through the shop and photographed. They were kind enough to let me snap these photos. I picked up a few chocolates which are a nice compliment to editing. As my bag is almost empty I am sure I will be back very soon…

le mere de famille


a la mere de famille


a la mere de famille


a la mere de famille


a ala mere de famille


a la mere de famille


a la mere de famille


a la mere de famille


a la mere de famille


a la mere de famille

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