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Recently I was asked to write a short bio about myself for a magazine. This was a challenge until I finally started writing and well it needs to be shortened… I use this blog as a way to express myself usually through my photographs. But if you are interested feel free to read a little more about me. Where I have been and where I am headed.

me black and white


In 2003 I was bit by the travel bug after studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I knew very early on that I wanted to make travel a part of my life and career. A few years later I lost my job during the economic crisis and decided to follow my dream job of being a travel photographer. I took airline miles from my previous job and the little cash I had and booked a trip to Paris. I spent 10 days photographing the city from morning until after dark. I spent my evenings at a local restaurant close to my hotel tasting French delicacies like escargot and practicing French. Paris was better than I had imagined.

I rushed back to the States to put my photos online to start selling them. At that time I started a shop on etsy. My Paris photographs had a great reaction and I had some standout best sellers right away. I contacted One Kings Lane about selling my work and they were interested! The next few years were filled with Summer Shows, Markets, Etsy, One Kings Lane. In the same year I struck deals with Papyrus and Pottery Barn. A dream come true in my book.

Over the years of building my business I continued to travel back and forth to Paris, and other cities including Lisbon, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, and the south of France. I loved the other cities don’t get me wrong but Paris had a way of calling me back. In late 2012 I decided to pack up my apartment put everything in storage and move to Paris for three months. This was the longest you can stay without a Visa. I rented an apartment in Montmartre with a balcony from February until April. I watched it snow over the rooftops, rain for days on end and just before I was about to leave my cherry blossoms bloomed all over the city. Leaving Paris was harder than I ever imagined. When I spoke to my Parisian friends and vendors they reminded me that I would be back and to not be sad.

Lucky for me they were right. Since then I welcomed an amazing niece into my family and found my way back to Paris just in time to watch the leaves change color. Autumn in Paris is such a beautiful time. The early days were filled with mild weather and long walks through the city. The city quickly grew cold as the ivy changed from green to red. I still have my favorite secret spots in hidden courtyards. The once lush trees were bare and the parks were filled with a coating of crunchy brown leaves. As the city turned colder it was time to return back to the States. More friends to leave this time around but I always find a way back.

I have become a nomad in the last few years jumping from house to apartment between family, friends and Paris. I am extremely lucky to have such patient friends and family that support me. When I look back over these past couple of years I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This has been an adventure of a lifetime. Of course I am not quite ready to put two feet on the ground just yet. There is still more to explore and a book to finish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this crazy adventure. I treasure each and every one of your comments!




16 thoughts on “Update about Me

  1. world webcams

    Great personal Information about your life and well written. Never been to Pairs, and I can guess it’s lovely and romantic. For me it’s very important to spend time with family and friends

  2. world webcams

    I agree with you, and more should write about their life and adventures. One day I might write my own personal blog for others to look over, and like your self, learn more about that person by writing. People want interesting blogs and this helps your page a lot with people wanting to link to it, and be more visible to most bloggers. Keep up the good work

  3. Pat

    You are one of the lucky ones: living the life you want to live. It is fun following your journeys. I for one live vicariously thru your postings, enjoying the sights you see, and treasuring the places you’ve been to. Keep on with your trek as you breathe each passing day a little easier, with a smile and full of hope and beauty.

  4. Lynn

    Following your dreams takes a tremendous amount of courage. I commend you for taking this time in your life to honour your passion & follow your heart. So lovely to read a little bit about you:)

  5. Candy Donnelly

    I look forward to your Blog every day, and yes I have been in love with Paris for my entire life. I have been fortunate to be able to trace my family tree back to a famous chateaux and have read every book about the family and life back in 1770.
    I will try and make it out to one of your shows this summer and am looking forward to meeting you. I also have an Etsy Shop and I daily check in with your talent. Thank you for bringing music to our eyes through your wonderful art!

    1. Rebecca Plotnick Post author

      You are so sweet! Thank you so much Candy! That is amazing that you traced your family tree back to a famous chateau. That makes reading about french life so much more interesting! I would love to meet you this summer. All the best!

      1. Candy Donnelly

        Can’t make to Wells Street Arts Festival, But will make it to Old Orchard Arts Festival in July. Take care, Candy

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