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My short term solution…Paris.


Thank you all for your kind words and support from my last post.So perhaps it wasn’t fair after my last blog post when I was writing it I already knew my answer. Or should I say my short term solution. I have been taking yoga for the last couple of years but most recently I have been going more on a regular basis. I have amazing teachers and the wonderful thing about it is that is not just about going to stretch there are great lessons to be learned. If you have ever tried it or if you are a yogi you know what I am talking about. One of my favorite things they repeat is stay present. Forget about the past and don’t think about the future. That is the endless list you need to tackle after the hour is over or perhaps where you should move next. The lesson is to stay present. Exactly where you are in that moment. Breathe and work through it.

If I stay in the present as I am taught my immediate future brings me back to Paris. April 20th to be exact. A week after my 33rd birthday. This means 6 full weeks to stay present and live in the moment. I have a short term action plan for after my 6 weeks is up. But I will fill you in on that at a later date.

I booked an apartment close to the pompidou which as I figured out is 10 minutes in one direction to my favorite street in the Marais vielle de temple and 10 minutes the other way to rue montorgueil. A lucky find as I have always wanted to stay in this arrondissement. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and having the possibility to meeting new friends. I have a few project ideas in mind and the creative juices are finally flowing after feeling blocked for such a long time. I can’t wait to experience Paris in the Spring and transition to Summer.


Where do I belong? A nomad’s reflection


A few years ago I had the crazy idea to pack up my Chicago apartment that I lived in for 9 years put everything in boxes/storage and move to Paris for three months. I knew if I sublet my adorable vintage apartment overlooking Lake Michigan in Lincoln Park that three months later I would ease back into that life without much change. I think it was actually more difficult to pack up the apartment and purge a lot of what I had than to get on that airplane to move to Paris not knowing a soul and taking a crap shoot on an apartment I booked on the internet.

Surely I thought in three months I will figure out my plans on my next step. I wanted to shake it up right? Well two weeks after arriving in Paris my sister told me she was pregnant. First thought, I will move in with you and help with the baby and then I can come back to Paris in October. So I did… That was 2013 where I spent 4 amazing months in the city that I love.

We are now in 2015 and I have moved more times than I care to count. My belongings are still in storage and I can carry less and less stuff as I move so a lot is being donated. Its a wonderful feeling not knowing that you are being weighted down with “stuff” but not being able to put the stuff you do own away in your own closet is beginning to get to me. I wish after two years and counting of a nomadic artists life that I would be able to make a decision. Where do I belong next? I have friends that are getting married, married, kids on the way, and or working on their 2nd kid. I am happy for my friends they know exactly where they want to be and one day I want what they have. But the idea of not being tied down and jumping on the next plane to Paris thrills me even more. Anyone else feel the same way?

My drivers license expires on my birthday in April. I keep saying I am going to have to make a decision by then but now that seems like its just around the corner. So I keep pushing things off and the only decision I can make is which arrondissement I want to live in come April.

IMG_3447 small

It looks like I am putting off making a decision to where I belong until at least Summer. If you are a nomad or feel stuck like I do I would love to know your thoughts on how to move forward.

Instalove for Paris Prints


This cold weather has finally given me time to edit some of my photos which is good news for everyone. I get to relive my time in Paris and discover new gems and you get to see new work. These are all available in the etsy shop If you follow me on Instagram I announced a sale using the code INSTALOVE for 20% off through the weekend. I hope you enjoy the new work and I can’t wait to hear what you think. xo

IMG_3215 small

IMG_3415 small

IMG_3785 small

IMG_4515 small

IMG_4784-2 small

IMG_3875 small

IMG_4486-2 small


_MG_0351 copy small

I have a lot of new favorites that I am sure you will be seeing in print soon! For the link to each photograph simply click on the photo and it will take you to purchase the photographs in different sizes all the way up to a 30×45. Don’t forget to use INSTALOVE for 20% your purchase through the weekend.

Pops of Red in Paris


Even on the grayest days in Paris you can find pops of color around the city. One of my favorites and most popular in Paris is the color red. Perhaps I am still in the Valentine’s Day mood but here you go!

IMG_0861 small



IMG_4538 small


_MG_2042 small

_MG_3413 small

_MG_3555 small


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Central Park in the Snow


In the past couple of years I have been visiting NYC in the Summer. They have turned out to be some of the hottest days of the whole year. This time around I decided to visit NYC in the Winter hoping for snow. More specifically I was really hoping to see Central Park in the snow. Part of my trip didn’t turn out as planned but I was thrilled to see snow in Central Park. Monday my flight ended up being cancelled due to freezing rain, hail and snow. The park wasn’t a foot deep in snow but it was still beautiful. This time around NYC experienced some of the coldest days I have felt in a long time. Photographing is not so easy with gloves on my hands hurt for a while even after returning to warmth. I walked from the Upper East Side through the Park to the Plaza. I think it was worth the pain in my hands to be able to capture this beauty. What do you think?

_MG_5172 small

_MG_5237 small

_MG_5243 small

_MG_5251 small

_MG_5264 small

_MG_5266 small

_MG_5285 small


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Fete de la Chandeleur – French Crepe Day


If you visit Paris you will find street vendors selling crepes all over the city. They are at the eiffel tower, the Marais and there are a bunch on every corner in Montmartre. Two years ago arrived in Paris for my original 3 months stay and was thrilled to find out it was French Crepe Day. If I could love the city any more on a cold February day they celebrate the eating of crepes with a holiday? Sign me up! I celebrated a day early yesterday with my friends Alexis and Bree and their adorable babies. My favorite it banana and nutella. What’s yours?

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