Where do I belong? A nomad’s reflection


A few years ago I had the crazy idea to pack up my Chicago apartment that I lived in for 9 years put everything in boxes/storage and move to Paris for three months. I knew if I sublet my adorable vintage apartment overlooking Lake Michigan in Lincoln Park that three months later I would ease back into that life without much change. I think it was actually more difficult to pack up the apartment and purge a lot of what I had than to get on that airplane to move to Paris not knowing a soul and taking a crap shoot on an apartment I booked on the internet.

Surely I thought in three months I will figure out my plans on my next step. I wanted to shake it up right? Well two weeks after arriving in Paris my sister told me she was pregnant. First thought, I will move in with you and help with the baby and then I can come back to Paris in October. So I did… That was 2013 where I spent 4 amazing months in the city that I love.

We are now in 2015 and I have moved more times than I care to count. My belongings are still in storage and I can carry less and less stuff as I move so a lot is being donated. Its a wonderful feeling not knowing that you are being weighted down with “stuff” but not being able to put the stuff you do own away in your own closet is beginning to get to me. I wish after two years and counting of a nomadic artists life that I would be able to make a decision. Where do I belong next? I have friends that are getting married, married, kids on the way, and or working on their 2nd kid. I am happy for my friends they know exactly where they want to be and one day I want what they have. But the idea of not being tied down and jumping on the next plane to Paris thrills me even more. Anyone else feel the same way?

My drivers license expires on my birthday in April. I keep saying I am going to have to make a decision by then but now that seems like its just around the corner. So I keep pushing things off and the only decision I can make is which arrondissement I want to live in come April.

IMG_3447 small

It looks like I am putting off making a decision to where I belong until at least Summer. If you are a nomad or feel stuck like I do I would love to know your thoughts on how to move forward.

10 thoughts on “Where do I belong? A nomad’s reflection

  1. Candy Donnelly

    What a great place you are in your life, experiencing stuff people don’t even realize exists.

    It takes time to learn how to Celebrate your uniqueness, don’t compare what your friends are going through in their lives, kids, job issues, problems with in-laws, as we all realize the list goes on and on.

    Be comfortable with yourself and happy searching what sings to your soul. Congratulations, for listening to your heart and being on your correct path.

    1. Rebecca Plotnick Post author

      You are so sweet Candy! Thank you! I am realizing that I am not going with the normal path in life and I am okay with that. I am excited to see where my path leads me. It takes a lot of soul searching and being comfortable with my own skin. Including growing pains in the process. xo

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