Paris Plans – April 2016



Every ticket I book abroad has a waiting period. I would be lying if I said I make plans and book them without any fear or reservations. I have known for a while I was going back to Paris in April. My sister told me the day of the Paris attacks in November that she had booked a ticket for her family to go to Paris. This was just hours before the attacks. Thank goodness she kept her plans. She always told me they would wait and see if it was safe but for now they were still going…

I planned to arrive the same day my sister did so I could pack in as much time as possible with them. My niece is 2 1/2 and I have been waiting since the day she was born to take her to Paris. I begged every trip to let me take her. This time she is finally coming with us! She now asks me “Auntie show me the eiffel tower” and “show me Paris” asking for videos and photos on my phone. It makes me so happy! I cannot wait for her first croissant and carousel ride. There will be a lot more about Emma’s first trip to Paris in later blog posts.

So much of me wanted to book a one way ticket to Paris. Its probably one of my biggest regrets coming home after all these years. I keep reminding myself that I am still young and there is still so much time in my life to live abroad again. I can’t wait to share the love of travel with someone.

The plan right now is the spend two weeks in Paris. A few days with family, then my Paris family, my birthday, friends and work. Its going to be a jam packed two weeks and I hope that if the weather cooperates cherry blossoms will be in bloom during this time too. I am so grateful for the opportunity to run my own business and create my own schedule. That also means you work hard and you play hard.

I can’t avoid the most recent topic in the news of the Brussel attacks. I am keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers. This has to stop! But one thing that can’t stop is travel. The terrorists continue to fill us with fear. The first thing people want to do is cancel trips and avoid danger. But if we avoid living our lives then we are already surrendering and letting them win. Paris is quiet now because of the attacks in November and I can only imagine the Brussel attacks will cause more trip cancelations. I still plan on traveling in two weeks and if you have a trip planned I encourage you to do the same.

I would love to know your thoughts on travel in Europe and if you have a trip scheduled are you keeping or canceling.





9 thoughts on “Paris Plans – April 2016

  1. sandralea

    Hi Rebecca,

    Happy to know that you are keeping your plans to go to Paris! I’m scheduled to go to Paris on May 3rd for 8 days and I DO plan on following through with my plans – we can’t let them win!

    Have a great time and leave some good pastries for me!!! 🙂

    Sandy McCarthy

  2. Katja Skaggs

    Thanks Rebecca! I am in your pocket!!! Be Safe!!! have tried to order some prints on Etsy…it seems that for some reason it just doesn’t work….may I order from you….Have so many of your prints and saw some new ones to purchase…

    Thanks! Katja​

    On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 3:54 PM, Rebecca Plotnick Photography wrote:

    > Rebecca Plotnick posted: ” Every ticket I book abroad has a waiting > period. I would be lying if I said I make plans and book them without any > fear or reservations. I have known for a while I was going back to Paris in > April. My sister told me the day of the Paris attacks in Novem” >

  3. donnellycandy

    Hi Rebecca,

    I am still going ahead with my trip to Paris this summer, and happy you have not changed your plans. I have family throughout France and am so looking forward to seeing them again.

    We can’t let the terrorists win and we need to go on with our lives. Can’t wait to see your new pictures and for those of you that do not have the opportunity to travel to Paris this spring/summer, we all can live through your wonderful images, Pure Music to our Eyes and Art for our Souls.

    Bravo Rebecca, have a wonderful time!

    Candy Donnelly

    1. Rebecca Plotnick Post author

      You are so sweet thank you!! I can’t wait to share the new photos with you in a few short weeks. I hope you have a fabulous trip to Paris this summer. I have no doubt it will be wonderful! xo

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