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Lazy Weekend Mornings



One more I forgot to add to the reading list! French style and this weekend has been filled with lots of coffee breaks. From my recent stay at the fabulous Grand Hotel du Palais Royal. Each room is stocked with books and it really makes it feel more like home.

Weekend Reading List


I will admit its been a while since I have picked up a book. I have a growing amount of coffee table books that I have collected the past couple of months too. Here is a list of what I have on my reading list. If you have any favorite books please let me know I would love to take one to the beach when I am in California in a few weeks.


Cracking the Code – This is a new business book I already bought for a friend and bought a copy for me too!

Big Magic – I loved Eat, Pray Love my Melissa Gilbert and everyone has been raving about Big Magic.

Paris Mon Amour – This has been on my list for a while now going back and forth between Paris. I love this book of beautiful Paris shots. Take it all in over a cup of coffee.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – I have lived in my apartment for 8 months which is the longest I have lived anywhere in 8 years and I feel things I don’t need are collecting and crowding my space. I would love to get rid of a few things and make space in my apartment and mind. Has anyone read this book and given it a try?



Parisian Apartment – Haven in Paris


My first apartment in Paris was Montmartre. Located in the 18th arrondissement it wasn’t the center of the city but Montmartre has a vibe of its own and its so boho chic. Its a little neighborhood different from the rest of the city. This will always be special to me as its where I spent so much of my time when I first moved to Paris. The area has changed over the years and there are finally a few places to get a good cup of coffee which makes it even better 😉 If you follow along on my instagram you know I like coffee..

I have stayed in 8 different apartments in Paris all over the city. I love seeing the inside of places and the views… Balconies are my favorite and when I saw that there were three balconies in the Haven in Paris apartment I stayed in a few weeks ago I was thrilled! The Montmartre Hideaway was just a few blocks away from my old apartment so I was already familiar with where to get my baguette, grocery shop and coffee. The apartment was five flights up with no lift so I worked off my croissant before even arriving to the boulangerie.

_MG_5085 small.jpg

It rained just a few minutes after my arrival to the apartment and it was really beautiful to watch the rain fall from the windows. The rooftop view in Montmartre is unlike anything else in the city. The perks of staying in an apartment in Paris are the washer and dryer, full kitchen with an oven, and a lot more space. I will talk more about choosing one over the other in a follow up post.

_MG_5150 small.jpg

I am typically in a hurry for the light in the morning but I did take a day out to enjoy a breakfast on the balcony because I had to enjoy the view. I grabbed these delicious strawberries at the market down the street. I swear strawberries taste better in France than anywhere else…

_MG_5136 small.jpg

This view from the bedroom was incredible and so wonderful to wake up to in the morning. There were curtains to block out the light but I made sure to sleep with the windows open to catch the morning light and the fresh breeze.

For more information on Haven in Paris click here

The apartment I stayed in is available here through Haven in Paris


Its crazy to think that after all this time of blogging I never switched to a .com site. It always seemed overwhelming and never something I wanted to venture into… I now know why after spending hours on the phone with and I was blue in the face… pun intended. But somehow I got over all of my blog content onto  There is still a lot to do as far as making it look the way I want but I will save that for a little while down the road. As I mentioned before I have a few surprises up my sleeve which you will really love so stay tuned. Did you see my new logo?




An Introduction…



In case you are new around here let me introduce myself! I am Rebecca Plotnick and I am originally from Cincinnati Ohio. I was born in raised in the Midwest but somehow ended up with an east coast accent.

My first trip abroad was in 2003 for a semester in Florence. This was also my first of many trips to Paris. I currently live in Chicago but call Paris “home”

In 2008 I became a statistic loosing my job in the recession. I decided to take a chance at my dream job as a travel photographer. My life is not Instagram perfect everyday and I work crazy hours ( I am eating dinner as I type this at 5:30pm) I am still learning the work life balance but try to take time out for yoga or dance which I have been known to call “meetings” during the day.

I have a dry sense of humor I got from my Dad and occasionally I am the only one that laughs at my jokes but that’s ok…! Thank you for following along on this crazy adventure with me. If you have any questions about me or my job ask away!

*P.S. In case you are wondering I rarely wear heels in Paris but these JCrew heels were too pretty to pass up! I typically spend all day walking in my favorite flats by Yosi Samara. I could literally walk 10 miles in them and they feel like slippers!



At home in Chicago


I have been home for a few weeks from Paris and I am working on something pretty exciting. I can’t wait to share because I know you all will LOVE it and as a tease it has to do with Paris 😉 As I work on this project I will be traveling stateside this month. A visit home to see Emma, my Dad and sister and I am headed to LA in a few weeks. I have only been once and I didn’t see much of the city so I am looking for tips and favorite places!

After traveling for three years I am happy to have a home here in Chicago. For so long I felt stuck creatively because I was always jumping from one place to the next. Now I feel more creative than I have in a long time. Its a bit overwhelming because I have so many ideas and they are flooding in all at once. Does anyone else ever have this feeling? Here is a quick shot from my home. I actually have furniture I am just waiting to fill my art with walls which its always the hardest problem choosing which photos will go up.

_MG_7566 new.jpg

I have a bit of a candle problem lately as I keep collecting them. Here is one of my favorites that sits by my bed by Diptyque  I love the Baies one for Summer.



Chasing Light


I have been completely absent from the blog and I will be the first to admit I let it slide. I spent an amazing two weeks in Paris in April and my long days got the best of me. If you follow along on instagram you were able to see some of what I was up to. I recently joined snapchat too so that was really fun to give a more detailed account of my daily life in Paris.

Emma loved Paris and although my family’s trip was very short we had an amazing Sunday in Paris. Its my favorite day in the city and I was able to give my family a glimpse into my life in Paris. I will be sharing more about their visit in a later post.

To keep you up to date there are a lot of changes happening with my logo and there is even a brand extension I have been working on for a while that I am finally ready to move forward with.

I will be editing and catching up this month as I get ready for my favorite show of the year Wells Street which is next month! I can’t wait to fill you in on everything. Until then here are a few images from the latest trip!

_MG_4634 small

_MG_5362-2 small

IMG_0485 copy



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