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Barcelona in Black and White


Things have been busy here in Chicago! I am packing up my apartment to move and getting ready for the One of A Kind Show which is at the beginning of December. It wouldn’t seem so overwhelming if I wasn’t leaving for a week for Thanksgiving this month. Thank you all that follow and all of my new followers! I am so amazed at all the countries my blog is able to reach.

Here is a little glimpse of Barcelona in Black and White. Enjoy and I hope you all had a great weekend.

Carousel in Tibidado, Spain


When I set out on my journey to photograph carousels in France this summer I stopped in Spain first. I heard about the amusement park at the top of the hill that was over 100 years old called Tibidado. I took the train, to the bus, and then a cable car high up on the hill to find this amusement park. It wasn’t what I was hoping for because a lot of the rides weren’t in working order. But there was a gem of a carousel.

Bar Central La Boqueria


One of the best meals I ate in Barcelona was at Bar Central in La Boqueria. There are several restaurants inside along with all the fruits, vegetables, and sweets for sale. On my first day a friend took me inside and told me this place had the best baby squid. Although it was 9 AM we had baby squid and a glass of wine for breakfast. If you have the chance, its a must in Barcelona! If you don’t eat squid they have lots of other items on the menu.

Carousel in Tibidado


Close your eyes and imagine you are a kid again. Jump on the animal of your choice and ride the carousel at the top of Barcelona in Tibidado.

Doorways and Walkways of Spain


A collection of some of my favorite walkways and doorways during my journey through Spain

Bouqeria in Barcelona


Just steps off the famous las ramblas street in Barcelona is the famous food market called the bouqueria. Restaurants, locals, and tourists crowd this place from open to close. You can buy fresh ingredients such as seafood, fruit, and vegetables. There is also tons of sweets to buy from marzapan to chocolate.

LOVE letters from Barcelona, Spain


The series of my LOVE letters continues to Barcelona, Spain. This is composed of letters that I found around the city of Barcelona that represented the spirit and design of the city.

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