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Vienna Sparkles


I loved my time in Vienna. It was absolutely freezing because of the great freeze in Europe but that didn’t stop me from exploring the city. This Vienna Palace was filled with luxurious sparkling chandeliers that rival Versailles. Have a look for yourself!

Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna


The Palace in Vienna rivals the beauty and elegance of the Palace of Versailles but it much closer to the city. Only 10 minutes by train from the center of the city Schonbrunn Palace is a must see in Vienna. I will be posting a few more pictures in the coming weeks of the inside and outside of the Palace. I pulled out my camera and checked my bag at the front. Once entering the rooms I quickly found out that you can not photograph anything. Of course this was disappointing but didn’t stop me from photographing. I looked around and there was no one from security or staff from the Palace. So of course away I went loving all of the beautiful chandeliers in all of the rooms. The final room was a room filled with a fresco ceiling, mirrors, and beautiful gold chandeliers. John F Kennedy was invited to a ball that took place in this room. The room is long and narrow and is similar to the hall of mirrors in Versailles. Of course at this point I was being yelled at by security for “no photos” this didn’t stop me. I of course had the fear that they would take my memory card from my camera and I would loose everything. Luckily I escaped and I am able to share the photos with you!

A night at the Opera


I was given a list from a friend of what to see on my quick trip to Vienna. The Opera house being one of them. I was sad to find it was closed on Friday. I was able to get this photograph of the main lobby. While I was inside by the ticket office I found out that you could get standing room only tickets that night if you stood in line. I arrived 1 hr before the Opera was to begin and stood in a long line. I found out the standing room only was only 4 euros. A real bargain! My first night at the Opera. It was a French Opera set in the French Revolution. At the post where you stand there is a small individual monitor that translates the Opera in English and in German. The set design and costumes were unbelievable!! It was an amazing night to experience a part of the Viennese culture!

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