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Snowy Switzerland and Fondue


Well after 4 weeks in Switzerland I finally had fondue! It was the perfect night because it was snowy and cold. The snow started to fall right before dinner and nightfall. Surprisingly we get way more snow in Chicago than in Baden so I felt like a kid again when it started to snow. I put my boots on and grabbed my camera.

The trick with fondue is you have to stir the pot with the bread and the stick when you dip. This keeps the cheese nice and hot and melted. I liked to dip mine in but was told it has to be a true dunk for it to be Swiss Fondue. It was delicious! I mixed a little apple in there but you can also do fresh pineapple. It was very easy to make on the stove.

Swiss Post office


I decided to spend a few weeks in Switzerland this January but I wanted to continue to run my etsy business. I packed a suitcase with packing materials and photographs with hopes I would sell some photos while being away. Well 3 days in and I have two orders. Which meant operation post office was in effect. I took the bus in to the train station where there was a post office. I purchased some adorable chocolate lindt bears and added them to my package and off I went. The post office is similar to that in the United States but you take a number like at a deli counter and wait to be called. It was pretty quick and easy. The woman was a little thrown off by the envelope and the big raised bump but after I told her it was chocolate she smiled. Mission complete! Lets hope the trend continues!

The Swiss Life


I arrived safely in Switzerland yesterday. I took a train from Zurich to Baden, a small town 20 minutes away. I was surprised to find that there was no snow and it was much warmer than Chicago. I am staying with a friend of mine for the next couple weeks so its a little different than staying in a hotel for a few nights at a time. I decided to venture out this morning to pick up a few things from the grocery store. The language barrier was a bit difficult but I managed my way. Today turned out to be very rainy and windy (it feels a little like the Wizard of Oz) Just a few photos to show the area I am staying in. I can’t wait to explore the old town of Baden tomorrow.

The houses in Baden, Switzerland

Opportunity Knocks


I have been given the wonderful opportunity to travel to Switzerland this January. A friend of mine lives there with her family and has invited me to visit! I will be traveling in Switzerland including Zurich and Baden. I am still trying to narrow down where I want to travel on the weekends. I am open to suggestions and would love what you have to say! I have never been skiing before so this might be my first attempt. Of course I will be blogging this whole time so stay tuned for lots of adventures early 2012!!

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