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Golden Gate Memories


I keep a pretty busy schedule. This summer I have had the opportunity to visit California twice and NYC with Summer shows in between. Its a little tiring how I keep on the go but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am finally starting to edit some of my San Francisco photos.

If you haven’t been to San Fran then I would put it on your list. Bring comfortable shoes because its a city that should be walked and there are some large hills to tackle. One walk that I recommend is across the Golden Gate Bridge. You can drive it, bike it or walk. I think walking lets you take in the sights and you can set your own pace. Here are some of my photos from my walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.


Golden Gate Bridge turns 75


The Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful from all angles. You can walk, bike, or sail under the bridge. Whatever way you choose to visit the Golden Gate Bridge it should be on your list while visiting San Francisco.

Wine Tasting in Napa


I am a little behind on the blog as it was a busy weekend wine tasting and Napa and then back to San Francisco yesterday to walk the Golden Gate Bridge. I like to stay in order so here is the start of wine tasting. It was a beautiful drive through Napa and the weather was great too!

China Town in San Francisco


I will first point out that I photographed China Town but I did not stop to try any of the delicious food. I was overwhelmed by all the different restaurants and bakeries I didn’t know which one to try. If anyone has any suggestions please send them my way!

Sailing on the San Francisco Bay


There is nothing more calming than a boat ride on the water. I love watching the sailboats go by. This weekend in San Francisco was amazing weather and all the boats were out. I love the close up of this beautiful sailboat with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Chasing the Sun in San Francisco


My weekend was filled with exploring the city of San Francisco. I have never photographed the city before and it involved a lot of walking. I took a boat to Sausilito and when I returned to the bay the sun was setting. I ran in and out of different buildings and hotels looking for a great view of the city. I was able to get this shot of the Huntington hotel and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. The couple having a drink at the table was kind enough to let me crash their table so I could sneak this shot.

Point Rayes


Just in the last few years I have had a thing for oysters. I really enjoy them and when I eat out I always go for the west coast oysters. When I was processing the thought of being in California for a month I put together that I could get oysters when I am here. So earlier this week my adventures brought me to point rayes. We had the most amazing oysters in this small town. You never would have guessed it from the outside but they were some of the best I have ever eaten. We continued our journey through the redwood trees down highway 1 to Nick’s Cove. Here are a few photos.

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