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Exploring the Chicago Art Museum


Last week I explored the Chicago Art Museum with my intern Zoey. We tried to be on our best behavior jumping from one room of French Impressionist to the next. We were shooting these photographs and were interrupted by one of the security guards but instead of getting in trouble she suggested we check out a nearby degas sculpture. She was kind enough to take a photo of the two of us at the museum.

When I was young my Grandmother had an entire collection of watches. She wore them for all types of occasions dressy and casual. She always had a watch on and gum in the front pocket of her purse. Since using an iPhone for so long I stopped wearing a watch a few years back. Recently I have had my eye on the new Daniel Wellington watch and since it arrived in the mail I haven’t taken it off. The one I selected has a rose gold accents with blue hands. Navy is one of my signature colors so I was so happy to see the blue and gold color combination. The name of the watch I selected is the Dapper Sheffield and I switch between a black band and a brown band that matches my Madewell tote that I carry everywhere.

The watch is easy to dress up or wear with casual looks. I am thrilled to be able to start my watch collection with Daniel Wellington 









I loved exploring the art museum here in Chicago. Its been a while and the museum felt like I was back in Paris. They even had green chairs in the garden that made me feel like I was back in the Tuileries. Stay tuned for more from the museum on the new blog www.everydayparisian.com 


Summer Weekends at Home


Its getting close to the end of peony season so instead of one bunch I purchased two this week. I have to get my fill while I can. They are next to my bed and I wake up to a sea of pink and a heavenly smell.


My favorite dyptique candle along with peonies makes for the best smell.


The warm weather here in Chicago has me in the mood for iced tea. I have a collection of Kusmi tea from Paris that I am digging into now. The beauty detox is my favorite.


_MG_9816 small.jpg

Now that Wells Street is finished I feel like I can breathe for a minute. I worked straight through LA to now and I am feeling exhausted. Its been extra coffees to get me through the week. But in exciting news my passion project will be launching very soon and I hired an intern!! She is adorable, sweet, organized and a francophile so she fits right in! I can’t wait to share my new project with you. Zoey will be helping launch the new project. For those of you who stopped by wells street and braved the heat thank you so much!!



Its crazy to think that after all this time of blogging I never switched to a .com site. It always seemed overwhelming and never something I wanted to venture into… I now know why after spending hours on the phone with godaddy.com and bluehost.com I was blue in the face… pun intended. But somehow I got over all of my blog content onto www.rebecca-plotnick.com  There is still a lot to do as far as making it look the way I want but I will save that for a little while down the road. As I mentioned before I have a few surprises up my sleeve which you will really love so stay tuned. Did you see my new logo?




At home in Chicago


I have been home for a few weeks from Paris and I am working on something pretty exciting. I can’t wait to share because I know you all will LOVE it and as a tease it has to do with Paris 😉 As I work on this project I will be traveling stateside this month. A visit home to see Emma, my Dad and sister and I am headed to LA in a few weeks. I have only been once and I didn’t see much of the city so I am looking for tips and favorite places!

After traveling for three years I am happy to have a home here in Chicago. For so long I felt stuck creatively because I was always jumping from one place to the next. Now I feel more creative than I have in a long time. Its a bit overwhelming because I have so many ideas and they are flooding in all at once. Does anyone else ever have this feeling? Here is a quick shot from my home. I actually have furniture I am just waiting to fill my art with walls which its always the hardest problem choosing which photos will go up.

_MG_7566 new.jpg

I have a bit of a candle problem lately as I keep collecting them. Here is one of my favorites that sits by my bed by Diptyque  I love the Baies one for Summer.






Home. A four letter word I am not used to. Three years ago I packed up my Chicago apt to move to paris for three months. I put all my belongings in storage knowing that I did not want to return the same person. I was looking for change. Once I arrived in Paris in the freezing cold month of February I knew I wanted to stay longer. Back and forth between the states and paris I went moving more times that I care to admit. Without a visa I couldn’t stay put long term. Three months turned into three years of a nomadic life. The thing is I wouldn’t change a thing. My life has changed in so many ways I am still trying to sort everything all in my head. So here I am in Chicago three years later. A different person than when I left. My storage unit filled with belongings that are just now “things” Instead of moving them into my new home I gave away everything and threw away the key. A new beginning starts now.

Chicago – My second city


A few posts ago I mentioned that I moved and was unpacking boxes. As I have run into people in person that read the blog (you guys are awesome by the way) they have asked me about the move so I thought I would update you all here.

Its taken me a long time to process this part and I will continue to do so. After 3 crazy years of being a nomad and 17 moves I have finally landed in Chicago. Chicago will be my second city (paris being my first) and home base for my business.

view of chicago from LP

I am sure your first thought is what now? Will she travel again? When is she going to Paris? How long is my lease? These questions have all been asked and I don’t mind answering them. I have been in Chicago two weeks and I am already dreaming about traveling again. There is no doubt I will be back in Paris soon its in my blood and a huge part of my life. As far as my lease its a year which is the longest commitment I have made since 2012.

My biggest struggle personally is reminding myself that I am not in a hurry. When you constantly live your life in 3 month or shorter increments you feel pressured for time. I am trying to take that out of my daily life and live each day as it comes. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my life here in Chicago and having a place to run my business from.

There is so much I have taken away from 3 years of traveling but a lot of it is still processing. I have an open word document where I am writing my notes. I hope to share those thoughts with you soon and inspire you all to travel and dream big.

Most of all my biggest takeaway from everything is that I regret nothing. Its been a challenging and life changing experience for me and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Thank you all for your kind words and support! I still have a lot of photos to share from this last trip so stay tuned.


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