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The art is in the detail – Paris, France


I love looking through my Paris photographs from years past and discovering new pieces. My eye changes over the year and it is like reading a book for the first time. I thought I would do something a little different today. I took this photograph in Paris, France and if you can tell me where this design is I will happily send you an 8×10 photograph anywhere in the world. Remember to look deeper because the art is in the detail!

Venice Blues


The island of Burano located about an hour boat ride from Venice is known for their colored houses and lace. The houses were painted different colors so when the sailors came home after a few drinks they could find their house. I was especially drawn to the beautiful blue doorways on this island. Here are a few!

Berlin reflection


I walked the streets of Berlin early in the morning and at the same time started the rain that would last my entire weekend trip. I was able to pull out my camera for this shot of a reflection of an old building in the frame of an old doorway across the street. This signifies so much as there is much reflection to do in Berlin because of the deep history the city holds. But in the end there is beauty right in front of you. A really wonderful trip to Berlin, and personal reflection.

Catching the moment


I love to photograph early in the morning its very hard to capture the sounds and smells I experience. During the early morning you can smell the coffee brewing and hear the sounds of people opening up their shutters on their windows and taking that first breath of fresh air. This small moment I captured on the island of Burano. I was photographing the door and all of the sudden the old woman came out to clean her front walkway. She was there for a brief moment that I could capture her and then she was gone again.

Laundry day the European way


Well I promised to tell you the ups and downs of living in Switzerland and well here is the first hiccup. I am staying at my friends house and I decided to do laundry. Well the machine broke… since there is no dryer my clothes are soaking wet drying in my room. Lets hope tomorrow turns out a little better!

Laundry day in Burano, Italy. Even on a cold January day laundry day includes hanging your clothes out to dry.

Golden Versailles


Explore the palace of Versailles and you are bound to find an abundance of gold from the ceiling to the locks on the doors. Here are a few photographs from my latest trip.

A walk through Aix en Provence


Aix en Provence in Southern France is a beautiful backdrop for a Sunday stroll. So take a little time out of your day wherever you live and imagine yourself in the South of France.

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