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The Gallery – One Kings Lane


I am proud to announce I am part of a very special curated collection called “The Gallery” on the website One Kings Lane

“The Gallery” features famous artists such as Chagall, Picasso, Dali, and Matisse and also features up and coming artists such as myself. Two of my best selling pieces are for sale in “The Gallery” along with a new piece from New York City.

Hall of Mirrors Versailles, France

Je T’aime – I love you Paris, France

Taking Manhattan – Brooklyn, New York

All of my pieces featured in “The Gallery” are available on canvas in an 18×24 or 30×40. Ready to hang!

Paris – some of my favorites


A good friend of mine is leaving for London and Paris this Friday. She asked me to come up with places to go in the city to recommend. Since I am writing something up for her I figured I might as well share it with everyone!

Favorite Restaurant:

Le Sac a Dos – This was recommended to me by my hotel my first night in Paris. I was very hesitant because they told me it was right next door. I was in Paris and I figured one of the best restaurants couldn’t be just right next door. This tiny restaurant has about 5 tables in the front and a few in the back. The table cloths are red and white checkered and the menu is updated fresh everyday and the specials written on a chalkboard. The owner visits the market at 5am every morning for fresh ingredients. The prices are extremely reasonable. You can get dinner for around 20 euros. I recommend the escargot, the lamb, and the chocolate moose. Its very easy to find you can take the Varenne metro stop and the street is 47, rue de la Bourgogne.

Best Ice Cream: Berthillon

The most famous ice cream location of Berthillon is on Il St Louis. Be prepared to stand in line but its worth it! You will pass a sweet shop (its all yellow inside and out) stop in and have a look around while you wait in line. Take your ice cream and walk along the Seine. It makes for a perfect day. There are many locations that sell Berthillon but this is the most famous and has great scenery. If you only visit Il St- Louis for Berthillon its worth the hike!

Best Place to Grab a Drink: The Latin Quarter

Walk around the Latin Quarter around Happy Hour and you will find live music and the streets packed with people. Bars and restaurants put outside seating the cobblestone streets. Come early to score a good seat and great people watching!

Favorite Bakery: Paul Patisserie

Paul is found all over Paris and there are even a few locations in London. When in doubt you are hungry and looking for a quick breakfast or lunch pastry or sandwich this is the place.

Versailles – Worth the day trip!

I would recommend getting to Versailles bright and early. I think the gates open around 10am. The train ride is really easy and takes you right into town. You can buy your tickets on site or while you are walking towards the grounds. I bought mine on the walk and it saved me over an hour standing in line. I would also check into seeing if you can use your Paris City Pass to get in. You can spend all day here. There are several places for lunch as you walk down the gardens. Grab a sandwich and pick a place in the park to people watch and take in the sites. Don’t forget to explore ALL of Versailles. Marie Antoinette had several houses built on the grounds of Versailles and this is included in the ticket price.

Gates of Versailles

Hall of Mirrors


Areas to explore:

Marais – includes the Picasso Museum and the House of Victor Hugo. Visit the Place de Voges for a beautiful relaxing time in the park and to enjoy a part of history. You can read more about it here: Place de Voges

The Tulleries: A garden and gathering place in front of the Louvre. Enjoy the Louvre for its beauty without waiting in long lines. You may have visited the Louvre in the past but its fun to stop by and hang out in the touleries. Grab a green chair and sit and chat with some of the locals.

Luxemboug Gardens is a great place to walk around and mingle with the locals. People of all ages gather here to sit by the fountains or garden. Kids play games, adults play tennis, and some of the older residents play chess.

Ride the Metro:

I am known for being awful with directions but The Paris Metro is one of the easiest transit systems I have ever been on. Its easy to use and very cost effective. You can buy tickets individually or in packs of 10.

Have fun and don’t forget to get lost!! Some of my best photographs are from me wondering the streets of Paris and just exploring what the city has to offer!

Time to Think Outside the Bridal Registry – A Kickoff to Wedding Season


It is time to think outside of the wedding registry. Besides, toasters and martini shakers are so passé! Instead of ticking off a gift from the registry shake things up with a non-traditional wedding or anniversary gift. And what is the perfect gift? In a word, art. Art is timeless. “My photographs are more than a gift, they are a memory that will remind the couple of a trip they took, their honeymoon and the love they share. Just think, every time they look at the piece of art you gave them they will think of you!”

A few Romantic Favorites from my collections:

This is a collection of letters from all around the downtown Chicago Area. This piece is available on 12×12 and 20×20 canvas.

One of my all time best sellers. This was taken in Versailles, France in the Hall of Mirrors. Its available in a print and canvas in a variety of sizes. This adds instant luxury to any room.

This mural can be found in Paris in the Montmartre area. This is known as the LOVE wall. It says ” I love you” in all different languages from around the world. This specific image includes Spanish, French, Croatian, English, Greek, and Egyptian. Its a perfect wedding or anniversary present.

This is available in print sizes from 8×10 – 24×36. This is available in canvas from 8×8 – 60×40


More photographs are available on my etsy site http://rebeccaplotnick.etsy.com

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