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Macaron Fun with La Cuisine Paris


I will be the first to admit I am a fan of the French Macaron. I have my favorite flavors at Pierre Herme and Laduree and of course they are also beautiful to look at. I was really looking forward to learning how to make macaron at La Cuisine Paris last week. The class did not disappoint as I was grinning from ear to ear the whole class. It was a lot of fun and Diane the instructor was filled with energy!

la cusine paris We made two different ganache flavors. One was chocolate with a hint of coffee and a praline flavor. The chocolate ganache was mixed with dark chocolate and the praline was mixed with white chocolate.

la cusine paris la cusine paris All ready in their piping bags. The ganache needed to cool while we started on the cookie part of the macaron

la cusine paris la cusine parisla cusine paris With two sets of groups making macarons we each picked a color for the outer shell.

la cusine paris la cusine paris Diane showed us how to pipe the macarons onto trays. It takes a little practice to make perfect but it was still a lot of fun.

la cusine paris We even got a little creative mixing the colors and adding different shapes

la cusine paris la cusine paris la cusine paris la cusine paris la cusine paris Once they were out of the oven and had a chance to cool we could start adding the ganache.

la cusine paris la cusine paris la cuisine paris They were ready to be eaten! We were each given a box to take home our macarons. Diane told us that they taste even better 24 hours later. Sadly, I never got to test this out. I took my macaron to dinner and they were eaten quickly by friends! Both praline and chocolate were a hit! Merci La Cuisine Paris.

Portager du Roi – A Versailles tour with La Cuisine Paris


This Friday I was lucky enough to join La Cuisine Paris for a trip to Versailles. This is an amazing intimate tour of the Portager du Roi (King Louis IV garden) and Versailles. The text below is an explanation from their website because they explain it best:

“Millions of people visit the Palace of Versailles, but not many realize that tucked away just off of the grounds of the castle is Le Potager du Roi – the 17th century Kitchen Garden created for King Louis XIV.


Changing Cuisine Française and the dining table forever, this spectacular garden is credited not for advanced techniques such as creating a microclimate for the production of over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables (that grew despite the season), but for dramatically changing in what was served at the kings table.


 We start our Gastronmie Versailles exploration in partnership with ‘Le Potage du Rio’ where we will enjoy a private guided tour through this spectacular garden.   The guide will lead us on a journey through the garden, Versailles and Cuisine Française history.”
Photographs by RL Photography:la cusine paris versailles tour
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“Leaving the ‘Potager’, we will continue our exploration through the city of Versailles onwards  to visit and taste our way through the local Market.  We will tour the four Market pavilions, discuss current cuisine trends and topics, and collect items for our French ‘Apero’ (the ‘apero’ in France is a term used for pre-meal treats.), as well as our Fromage plate.  

Following the Market we will head to our favorite local restaurant where we will enjoy the ‘Apero’ items we have collected and will follow with a four course meal served with wine, and including the Fromage plate we built at the market!”

At the end of the Versailles experience each person receives a ticket to the Versailles Chateau to experience for the rest of the afternoon and a return ticket on the train back to Paris.
The whole experience was informative and fun. The guide Karen was very knowledgeable about the Food history of Paris and also offers other Food Walking tours at La Cuisine Paris 

Friday Stroll in Paris


Its not unusual for me to walk 10 miles in a day in Paris. Today my walk to the Marais seemed to fly by as I arrived to one of my favorite streets in no time. The sun was shinning before the hail and heavy rain set in. The weekend (fingers crossed) should be nice…


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