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Best Seat in The House


Do you ever go to a movie or play and you find yourself moving around because the person in front of you is taller?! I call this photograph “the best seat in the house” There is no one to block your view just you and the show. I am sitting somewhere famous in Chicago. The first person to guess will get an 8×10 print of this photograph

Paris views from the rooftops


There are so many amazing views of Paris. My first trip to Paris I tried to get as many rooftop views from all parts of the city. This happened to be from my last trip which I discovered while editing. Its a unique view from the top of Galleries Lafayette looking at the Paris Opera house  (mint green rooftop) all the way to the Louvre Ferris Wheel. Get lost in the photograph and enjoy Paris!

A night at the Opera


I was given a list from a friend of what to see on my quick trip to Vienna. The Opera house being one of them. I was sad to find it was closed on Friday. I was able to get this photograph of the main lobby. While I was inside by the ticket office I found out that you could get standing room only tickets that night if you stood in line. I arrived 1 hr before the Opera was to begin and stood in a long line. I found out the standing room only was only 4 euros. A real bargain! My first night at the Opera. It was a French Opera set in the French Revolution. At the post where you stand there is a small individual monitor that translates the Opera in English and in German. The set design and costumes were unbelievable!! It was an amazing night to experience a part of the Viennese culture!

Gift Giving for the one who loves Color!!


There are people that absolutely love black and white and there are others such as my Aunt and Uncle who love color. I say this because each room in their house is a different bright color. They crave bright colors! So this post is dedicated to the people that love color in their art. Hopefully you will find a gift they love as much as color!


The chandeliers of Paris


Chandeliers add luxury to any room. In Paris it was hard not too find beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging in all rooms. From the hotel lobby to the opera house. Paris is filled with luxury. The photographs can be purchased on etsy.com Click the photograph and the link will take you to directly purchase the item.

Opera House and The Hall of Mirrors in France


I had the opportunity to stay close to the Opera House this trip to Paris. I have seen a lot of Paris but I have never explored inside the Opera House until this last trip. There was one room that blew me away that I wanted to share with you. To me its close to comparison to the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. Which room do you prefer?

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