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Artifacts Uprising – Autumn In Paris Book


A few months back I learned about the book maker Artifacts Uprising through pinterest of course 🙂 I couldn’t wait to try them out. My first book is an 8 1/2 x 8 1/2″ book. The reason why I loved this amongst all the other book makers was their format, style, and simplicity. The books are just absolutely beautiful! I shared my book with my family last night and they felt like they were right there with me. I hope you enjoy a sneak preview. I will be making many more books with Artifacts Uprising soon! They also have an app for your phone to make a book from your instagram photos. What’s not to love?!

Introducing Autumn in Paris

arifacts uprising artifacts uprising rebecca plotnick artifacts uprising rebecca plotnick artifacts uprising rebecca plotnick artifacts uprising rebecca plotnick

Coffee Table Book ideas


Its been a big goal and dream to have a coffee table for years now. As I travel back and forth to Paris I am putting together some ideas. I have a few that I want to remain quiet but I have a few ideas I can share and would love your feedback. I have thought about doing a series of collections from Paris : bikes , cars, doors, maybe market photos? Here are a few more of the doors I would add to the book:

blue door in paris


green and gold paris door


paris blue door


paris brown door


paris blue door


rustic paris door


paris grey door

paris green door


paris brown door


pink paris door

Paris, My Sweet


I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! In Paris, it was Mothers Day and in the States it was Memorial Day Weekend. I spent the weekend with family. I was headed home to Ohio but last minute ended up in Miami, FL to help my pregnant sister move into her new house. Thank goodness I downloaded Paris, My Sweet

Although I am not finished with the book yet, It kept my highly entertained and was a refreshing read. Amy Thomas, the author goes through a lot of the same emotions and obstacles I did while living in Paris and returning to the US. 

You can download it on your kindle for $1.99 and I highly recommend it!

Exploring the streets off of the big Boulveards in Paris


I loved my daily walk through Montmartre with my camera and baguette in hand each morning. Rain or shine I would venture out. I lived off of Boulevard de Rochechouart which was busy and with the train passing by it was not too quiet. I found this quaint cobble stone street off the busy Boulevard that caught my eye. Image

Dreaming of… a Paris Book



Dreaming of Paris and writing a book… I want to share all of my adventures and photographs in print form. I am not sure if it will be a coffee table book, my story of a mix. But here is to hoping my dream takes goes far. Dream Big!!

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