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Berlin reflection


I walked the streets of Berlin early in the morning and at the same time started the rain that would last my entire weekend trip. I was able to pull out my camera for this shot of a reflection of an old building in the frame of an old doorway across the street. This signifies so much as there is much reflection to do in Berlin because of the deep history the city holds. But in the end there is beauty right in front of you. A really wonderful trip to Berlin, and personal reflection.

A little about the photographer…


Recently I was interviewed by The Lonny Blog to be featured. Unfortunately the blog is being redesigned and they never were able to post my interview. I thought it might be fun to post it so you can find a little bit more about me. I hope you enjoy!

1. What inspired you to pursue photography?

I first fell into photography in high school. That was in the late 90’s when we still used film. I was intrigued by the darkroom. Once I developed my first photograph I was hooked. There is nothing like seeing an image appear on blank paper. It was like magic!!

2. How would you describe your aesthetic?

My aesthetic would be my depth of field. If you notice a lot of my images focus on one main part and the rest of the image is blurred. I love repetition and lines! Also I have a romantic aesthetic to my work.

3. How do you approach color in your photography?

I love color! I look for vivid bright, eye catching colors. I loves blues and greens!

4. What makes your work unique?

My work is unique because I try to capture an image that would normally be overlooked. I want people to linger over the beauty of life a little longer. “Lingering on the beauty of life a little longer” by that I mean looking at the small details in life. Such as: the way the sun hits the green olive oil bottles in a shop window, the ornate rusty door handle on a small street in provence, or the rain droplets on a cafe table in Paris. The beautiful moments that can be captured by a camera but are often overlooked. When I photograph I hope that people can treasure these little moments.

5. You seem to have quite the travel bug! What has been your favorite destination to shoot and why?

I was bit by the travel bug when I first studied abroad in Italy 8 years ago. I love to photograph Paris. There are so many unique parts of the city. I have been there several times in the last year and I am still discovering so much. Everywhere I turn there is something new to discover. I also loved Lisbon, Portugal. The color in Lisbon is absolutely amazing!

6. Why do you think shooting abroad is inspirational?

Shooting abroad is inspirational because it is so unique and different from the United States. The architecture is so rich with history. Every country and city has its own story to tell.

7. Do you have any quick tips on taking photos while traveling for our readers?

I think a lot of people get overwhelmed by fancy equipment and feeling they need a huge camera to take great pictures. If you are setting out on a trip abroad grab a pocket camera. I LOVE the canon powershot. Its small enough to keep with you at all times. In your purse or pocket. (watch out for pick pocketers) Take photographs of whatever inspires you. Set off to explore the city and don’t feel shy. The more pictures you take the better chances you have of coming up with something great!

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