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Picasso Museum Paris Opening


Yesterday in Paris the Picasso museum finally reopened after 5 long years. It was also Picasso’s birthday which the perfect day to reopen the museum. I hadn’t planned to go yesterday as I assumed there would be huge crowds and long lines. While walking through the Marais I pretty much stumbled upon the museum. Yes there were crowds but the lady at the front told me the wait would be 90 minutes. I waited longer for the Cartier exhibit in February in the freezing rain. This didn’t seem so bad. Plus it was opening day and if people in the states can wait days for the new iPhone than this wait wasn’t so bad. It ended up being about an hour total and everything went smoothly and the space was well gorgeous. Here are a few shots I got but keep in mind it was terribly busy!


picasso stairs

photo 1-13

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This week on Instagram


Its been an exciting first week in Paris. I have enjoyed exploring my neighborhood meeting with new friends and catching up with old ones. The fall is turning quickly here and its been a mix of sun and rain but I am thrilled to be back. Tomorrow I am off to Roma and exploring Italy. You can find me on instagram as I travel and photograph some of my favorite places.



Blink. Paris Moments


Paris is filled with charm. The fun part for me is catching the moments that happen for a blink and then they are gone. This morning it was not sunny and I had not planned to walk over the Seine. At the exact moment I did I caught this:

_MG_0388 copy

A man was walking over the bridge and watched me capture the moment. He asked to see the image on my camera to see if I was able to capture the beauty that was in front of us. Luckily I think I did ok šŸ˜‰

I walked in circles today visiting Paris and showing a friend around to some of my favorite spots. I had my first savory crepe today. What took me so long? I popped by one of my favorite streets for a baguette and then I noticed this bike that had flowers on the back. It was next to a flower shop so I assumed it was part of the display. But quickly realized it was really someone’s bike. Picture perfect I had to grab it while I could. He was extremely patient and gave me a few extra snaps. He just couldn’t figure out why I was so fascinated with this image. For him its normal…

_MG_0543 small

My favorite thing to do in Paris


ok so the truth is its hard to narrow down one thing that is my absolute favorite. People always ask me what my favorite thing to do in Paris and why I return so often. I walk for hours everyday with no agenda, camera in hand. I will stop and try a new boulangerie or meet a friend for coffee which will sometimes lead me in a certain direction for the day. I walk left then right following my eye as Paris leads the way through tiny streets uncovering treasures one by one. If you walk down one street in the early morning it will look completely different at night. A store front will have opened chairs out on the sidewalk or maybe a window catches my eye. The most important is to be observant take in the sights and sounds of the city and let Paris be your guide. Some moments you have to capture quickly as they disappear with the blink of an eye. A bike outside the butcher, a stollen kiss at a cafe, graffiti, or the way the light hits the street. Some moments last longer but I try to take the picture as soon as I see the moment. If you plan to come back on your evening walk it may gone but that is the risk you take. Every walk I discover something new. The more I get lost the more I find my way.


Paris Planner now available on etsy


Back to school has begun and that means 2015 planners and calendars are hitting the stores. My Paris Planner is now available at retailers across the US including Papyrus, Amazon and are now directly through me via etsy. Here are a few photographs of the planner and to purchase directly through me you can click here . For those of you that I have seen at shows and you have mentioned that you have already purchased my planner. Thank you so much!! Wishing you all the best in 2015. xoplanner open

paris calendar




Red Balloons Paris Continued


I loved the red balloon project that I started late last year in Paris. Continuing the red balloon project in the winter/spring had its challenges because there were very few days where the weather was not windy/rainy/too cold. I was able to get out for a little bit with the balloons to continue the series. It still amazes me how the simple object of a red balloon can bring so much joy to people’s faces.

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

red balloons Paris

Red Balloons by the Seine

red balloons paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Girl Paris

Little Girl with Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons

Red Balloons Ile St Louis

Cafe St Regis Red Balloons

Cafe St Regis Red Balloons

Red Balloons Bike

Red Balloons Cafe Paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

Red Balloons Paris

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