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Happy Holidays


In January I spent time traveling throughout Europe. I was lucky to find that most of the lights and decorations were not taken down right away. The streets of Geneva Switzerland and Venice, Italy are in this post with their windows and lights. Happy Holidays to you all!

Early morning light in Paris


People always ask me why there aren’t any people in my photographs. The answer is when I travel I wake up really early! I love the peaceful and quiet feel of the streets early in the morning. A customer of mine put this set together and I loved it so much I put it in my etsy shop. I think this set is more impactful on a larger scale. These were originally printed in 11×14 and looked great!

Bethesda Arches in Central Park


I set out in Central Park this weekend on my own for an early morning walk. It was filled with people and their dogs playing catch in the grass. I love the Bethesda Arches and the beautiful music that is played underneath. I have met several people over the past couple weeks at shows that have shared their fondness of this special place in central park. My favorite part is that the ceiling had been recently restored. I had to go back to make sure to look up and see the details in the ceiling. This picture is a look at the architecture and intricate ceiling.

RL meets Eloise at the Plaza


My Uncle and Aunt live in NYC and when I was younger they introduced me to the book Eloise at the Plaza. I LOVED this book. I wanted to be Eloise and live in the luxurious Plaza. Fast forward years later, I am a travel photographer and blogger. I was contacted by an intern at the Plaza about putting one of my photographs in The Food Hall at the Plaza. This weekend my Uncle, Dad, and sister joined me as I saw my photograph proudly hanging in the Plaza just a few feet away from a big Eloise sign I might add. So finally I meet Eloise at the Plaza!

Photograph is the first one on the left hand side. If you look at the end of the hall there is the Eloise sign

Follow Your Dreams


I am busy getting ready for this weekends Wells Street Art Festival here in Chicago. I will be in booth 247 if you are in Chicago please stop on by! I just wanted to say thank you for everyone that has supported me as I continue my journey as a travel photographer. Don’t ever give up on what you want and “Follow Your Dreams” (I found this on a park bench in California)

Golden Gate Bridge turns 75


The Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful from all angles. You can walk, bike, or sail under the bridge. Whatever way you choose to visit the Golden Gate Bridge it should be on your list while visiting San Francisco.

Alcatraz from the boat


Alcatraz is one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. Buy tickets in advance to guarantee that you will be able to take the tour. Night tours are available as well. I haven’t been inside but I was lucky enough to cruise around in a boat to explore the outside. Enjoy!

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