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Swiss Break


I am very lucky to have friends in Switzerland. This weekend I took a trip to visit them in Baden. It was a great weekend away. I was spoiled with Raclette, swiss chocolate and a beautiful view.


Romantic streets of Europe


You never know what you are going to find on the streets of Europe. I always try to stay off the main path because its where where you find the classic scenes of European life. I happened to come across this street in Geneva Switzerland that had all different types of doorways and shutters. In front of each of the houses were different bikes. They are all so unique and filled with character. Here are two from the same street.

If you look in the window you can see the lace drawn curtain and the iron detail.

Winter Wonderland in Europe


When I was invited to stay in Switzerland my first impression of what it would be like would be lots of snow!! It was going to be January. I had this idea that it was cold and just snowed for days on end. Well 4 weeks into my trip and we didn’t really have any snow in Baden. I was a little surprised. Then this week it started snowing and didn’t stop for 2 days. The pathways were not cleared and the streets were filled with snow. My flight to Vienna was delayed because the runways could not be cleared. This is what I was hoping Switzerland would be like. It has been extremely cold here in Europe. The cities I have visited over the past week Paris, Vienna, Baden, and Zurich have all been around -12 C. Yes, I am from Chicago but its freezing if you are outside photographing! So here is a quick look at Europe under the deep freeze.

Photographs from Vienna, Austria coming soon!

Snowy Switzerland and Fondue


Well after 4 weeks in Switzerland I finally had fondue! It was the perfect night because it was snowy and cold. The snow started to fall right before dinner and nightfall. Surprisingly we get way more snow in Chicago than in Baden so I felt like a kid again when it started to snow. I put my boots on and grabbed my camera.

The trick with fondue is you have to stir the pot with the bread and the stick when you dip. This keeps the cheese nice and hot and melted. I liked to dip mine in but was told it has to be a true dunk for it to be Swiss Fondue. It was delicious! I mixed a little apple in there but you can also do fresh pineapple. It was very easy to make on the stove.

Romance is in the air


With Valentines Day just a month away it seems romance is in the air. I love the romantic look of these photographs from the French Pastry shop Laudree. I was so happy to find one in Laussane and Geneva. I am off to Venezia for the weekend so stay tuned for photographs of canals and gondolas. The romance of Venice!

Painting the sky with color


Lausanne is filled with beautiful colored buildings, each one a different color. If you climb high up the hills in the center of town you can have a view with a sky filled with color.

Laussane – The San Francisco of Switzerland


I am known to be a bit of a planner. But when it came to this past weekend on Friday I had not picked a destination for the weekend adventure. On a whim and by recommendation of Rick Steves before I left I was told Laussane was beautiful and the San Fran of Switzerland. I found a reasonable hotel and found it only to be about 3 hrs by train in the French side of Switzerland. Within a few minutes of being on the train, life switched from German to French and I felt much more at ease. I started thinking of all the French food I had missed including the delicious croissant I would have for breakfast.

I was up before the sun and ready to explore the city. I will explain in further posts this week more about the city. I started to explore with my camera and I stumbled upon the snow topped mountains. There I fell in love with the beauty of Laussane!!

The start of the old city right off the train stop

Snow Topped Swiss Mountains amongst the French Rooftops

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